We're Hiring!

We’re looking for a new team member to help us produce top-quality animation and digital content for a diverse client base. We’re offering the chance to be part of our core team as we go through an exciting period of growth. is what we do for fun.  These are our other websites:

We’re a based in the beautiful market town of Hertford, about 45 minutes by Train from London (Kings Cross / Moorgate / Liverpool Street). Our studio is a converted attic space on the top floor of a splendid 18th-century building in the town centre.

We’re looking for someone who:

  • Has proven skills in animation / motion graphics
  • Is interested in the environment and sustainability
  • Is a commutable distance from our Hertford studio
  • Likes good conversation and good coffee

Initially, a short paid work placement may be offered. Salary for a full-time position will depend on level of experience.

If this sounds like you, get in touch with us NOW!

Please email your CV along with your showreel or links to joe.jones at


Bernard the Gurnard returns to fight for MPAs

Bernard is back - and this time, he talks. TV Naturalist Nick Baker provides the voice for Bernard in our new campaign animation for The Wildlife Trusts.
In the UK, virtually none of the sea has any form of protection. The original 'petition fish' campaign helped get the Marine Bil through parliament - but there's a long way to go before Marine Protected Areas are established. The vested interests are already hard at work trying to dilute the bill until it becomes meaningless.
Please sign up and help us protect the seas around the UK. 

More about the campaign



SEALIFE aquariums get a dash of the Joandjoe treatment

Our design company, Archipelago, was commissioned to help SEALIFE raise awareness amongst aquarium visitors of key marine conservation issues.

This animation is focussed on Seahorses and shows how choosing sustainably-fished seafood can protect Seahorses (and their fragile environment) from destructive fishing techniques.
The animations are being shown in The London Aquarium, SEALIFE Jesolo (venice), SEALIFE Dallas, and several others.

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European sharks need your help!

Did you know that European waters have around 130 species of sharks, including the VERY cool Porbeagle (which looks like a minature Great White) and the beautiful Spur Dogfish that can live for 120 years?

I didn't, possibly because I haven't been sea fishing, and I'm a fair-weather Diver who likes at least 30 metres of visibility and temperatures upwards of 18˚C!

Incredibly, one third of European shark species are now threatened with extinction. Many are caught by European boats for their fins, which are sold in Asia for Sharkfin soup. Finning is technically illegal in Europe but the laws are full of loopholes and it still happens on a massive scale.

Sharks are also caught for everyday food. That 'Rock Cod' you got from the Fish & Chip shop? It's a Dogfish. Some species don't breed until they're 20 years old, and then they only have a handful of pups, so even to take ONE out is a big deal.

We don't know exactly what impact these extinctions would have. In Tasmania the fishermen wiped out the sharks, which then didn't eat the octopus (octopi?), who bred like.. er... rabbits, then ate ALL the lobsters - and completely destroyed Tasmania's lobster-fishing industry. So there's probably a good economic case to protect our sharks, as well as an obvious moral one.

Archipelago (our design company) was commissioned by The Shark Alliance to produce an animation for European Shark Week. It sets the scene and explains what we need to do. You can see the animation here. Please take a moment to sign the petition - European sharks need your help!